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Bankruptcy Law

Law Office of Rick J Deal, PC has been representing the people of Conroe/Houston area since 2004 in the field of Bankruptcy Law. When you've lost your income, had medical issues, or just mismanaged your finances and you need the help of a competent Bankruptcy Attorney, we invite you to set up a consultation so that we can go over your options and get you on the pathway to financial stability.  I strive to excel in this specific area of law so that you can be certain you are getting the most professional, highly specialized advice in bankruptcy law.

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Chapter 7


For those who have lost all or part of your income or you are making less than the Median income for your area and family size, a Chapter 7 can put you on the road to a Fresh Start.  In a Chapter 7, you can discharge some types of unsecured debt, such as Credit Cards, Personal Unsecured Loans, Medical Bills, and even some types of Taxes.  You may also be able to discharge your obligation on Secured Debts where you want to give up the asset that is secured by that debt. (i.e. Vehicle, Home).  You must qualify for a Chapter 7 by passing the Means Test.  For a Free Assessment of your case, give us a call and set up a Free 1 hour Consultation.

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Chapter 13


If you are facing a Foreclosure of your home, Repossession of your transportation, don't qualify for a Fresh Start Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, or just feel you have an obligation to pay back your creditors something, then a Chapter 13 may be right for you.  In a Chapter 13, we file a Plan to repay what you can afford to pay your Creditors.  This payment is based on what is left over from your income after paying reasonable monthly expenses for a person living in your area with your family size.  It also provides you up to 5 years to either bring your Mortgage current or pay off your car, so that you are able to get back on track.   For a Free Assessment of your case, give us a call and set up a Free 1 hour Consultation.

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