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Why Choose Conroe Attorney Rick J Deal

When it comes to choosing a lawyer to handle a matter, most people are concerned with two main aspects with who they hire. How much will it cost, and will this attorney do a good job for me. Mr. Deal will do both while going above and beyond to make sure you understand the process and more importantly get through your bankruptcy so you can move on to better things in life.

Affordable Bankruptcy Fees

Our fees are competitive with other attorneys who handle bankruptcy cases. We are not the cheapest law firm practicing bankruptcy law in the area but we do provide a ton of value for all of our clients.. If you are just price shopping we are not the right law firm for you. We do provide quality legal services, by a very experienced attorney at a very competitive price. Many of our Chapter 7 clients pay for their services over a period of time prior to filing the case. We understand that you are having financial troubles and that you may not have extra money to pay a bankruptcy lawyer at our first meeting.

Experienced Bankruptcy Attorney

Mr. Deal practices bankruptcy law exclusively. He doesn't split his time with bankruptcy cases, and other lawyer like other attorneys do. When you hire Mr. Deal you are getting a fulltime bankruptcy attorney. He has done it all and seen it all. No one wants to file bankruptcy, whether a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, but if you have run out of time or options, bankruptcy can be the first step to a fresh start, a new life unburdened by the problems of the past. Mr. Deal can help you take the next step to fresh start.

Personal & Professional Service

We treat all of our clients with the compassion and personal service that it requires to get through a bankruptcy the right way. We understand how hard of a decision it can be to contact a bankruptcy attorney to determine if filing for bankruptcy is the right solution for your financial situations. We understand how it feels to come to terms with the decision to file a bankruptcy. We understand that you might be feeling bad and that you don't need any attorney to be unsympathetic or callous of indifferent to your financial situation and your decision to file bankruptcy whether a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13. We understand that you need a bankruptcy lawyer who understands these issues and knows how to handle this matter in a professional service. Mr. Deal provides you with the up most professional service so that you move toward a fresh start.


If you are looking for a bankruptcy lawyer who understands your situation, is affordable, and has plenty of experience to help you through this tough time, Mr. Deal is the attorney for you! Contact a Conroe bankruptcy lawyer for a free consultation.



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